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Built to Last: Multilayer Asphalt Roofing Stands Up to Weather Extremes

Built to Last: Multilayer asphalt roofing stands up to weather extremes April 30, 2018 Photo courtesy Smith Aerial Photography/Advanced Roofing Inc. by Tim McQuillen Savvy roofing contractors have preferred asphalt for low-slope roofing systems for more than a century. Through innovative research and development, low-slope asphalt roofing

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Installing Attic Ventilation

  Does Your Home Have a Properly Functioning Attic Ventilation System? Every home has a roof, but is every roof properly ventilated to prevent premature roof deterioration or roofing system failure? While current building codes use specific design criteria to reduce the likelihood of moisture problems in

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Quality Roofing Projects Use Asphalt as Material of Choice

For over a century, property owners have enjoyed the benefits of asphalt roofing. Homeowners choose asphalt shingles for their durability, reliability, ease of installation and repair, affordability and beauty. Building owners are attracted to asphalt’s performance track record, ease of maintenance and repair, availability and longevity. No

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Spring Roof Inspection a Must for Property Owners

The sun has begun to shine again, the birds are chirping – and property owners around the country are busily putting together their spring to-do lists. Chores like cleaning out the garage, refinishing the deck and landscaping will be on many home maintenance lists this season. What

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Ponding Water Basics

A low-slope asphalt roofing system is cost effective, durable and reliable. Multiple layers of weatherproof membranes protect a building, its residents and the property it houses. There are a few design elements that will help building owners get the most from their roofing system. Managing ponding water

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Choosing the Right Installation Method for Your Low-Slope Asphalt Roofing System

As a building owner or facility manager, you have decided on a new, or replacement, roof and you understand that you need the redundant long-term weatherproofing protection that a multiply asphalt roof can provide.  Now you must decide on the particular method of installation that best suits

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Choose Asphalt Shingles First; It Matters in the End

Submitted by Sue Burkett, member of the Communication, Marketing and Education Committee for ARMA When faced with a steep-slope re-roofing opportunity, most homeowners and building owners are, of course, concerned about the durability, performance and value of their new roof. Many choose asphalt roofing materials for their

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Advances in Asphalt Roofing Technology

From technology and durability to worker safety and environmental consciousness, asphalt roofing systems advanced significantly over the past three decades This article was originally published in Roofing Contractor magazine. James R. Kirby, AIA In recognition of Roofing Contractor’s 35th anniversary, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) would like to highlight

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Attic Ventilation in Accessory Structures

This article was originally published in Roofing magazine. MAY 23, 2016 BY JAMES R. KIRBY, AIA Construction Code Requirements for Proper Attic Ventilation Should Not Be Overlooked in Buildings That Don’t Contain Conditioned Space The 2015 International Residential Code and International Building Code, published by the International Code Council,

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Tips for Roofing Project Management Success

Submitted by Paul Casseri, member of the Communication, Marketing and Education Committee for ARMA As a professional facility manager, you’re responsible not only for overseeing building construction projects that affect your business’ bottom line but also for the safety of your employees and occupants.  Below are several

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