The ARMA Asphalt Roofing Ventilation Task Force acts as the voice of the roof ventilation community to identify the sound theory and scientific data supporting roof ventilation. The ARMA Asphalt Roofing Ventilation Task Force communicates state of the art developments in roof ventilation and educates roofing contractors, specifiers, builders, architects, engineers, building code officials, municipalities, the public and other parties about the benefits of proper roof ventilation.

Some of the information contained on ARMA's Ventilation web pages was developed by The Roof Assembly Ventilation Coalition (RAVC). The RAVC was a roofing industry-based coalition formed to provide a resource to advance building design through the use of ventilated attic spaces, develop accurate technical information for public and industry use, as well as to develop model code language about roof ventilation. The RAVC was dissolved in 2014 and was integrated into ARMA as the ARMA Asphalt Roofing Ventilation Task Force.

The ARMA Asphalt Roofing Ventilation Task Force is focused on optimizing roof assembly ventilation as relates to:

  • Construction practices
  • Energy efficiency
  • Structural longevity
  • Economics
  • Roofing system durability
  • Ice damming
  • Health issues
  • Moisture and temperature control