ARMA Announces the Winners of the 2007 Accident Prevention Contest

[Washington, DC] (August 8, 2008) – The results of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s annual Accident Prevention Contest were announced at the Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, DC. A total of 107 roofing product manufacturing facilities competed for the various awards.

Each year the contest is open to all members of the association. The 2007 competition was directed by the ARMA Health, Safety and Environment Committee.

To ensure that all participants competed against plants of comparable size and capacity, entrants were grouped into four categories. Group A comprised facilities with over 300,000 labor-hours worked per year; Group B included facilities with 200,000 to 300,000 labor-hours; Group C with 100,000 to 200,000 labor-hours; and Group D with 100,000 or fewer labor-hours worked per year. The facilities were classified based on the previous year’s total labor-hours worked.

All of the award winners are identified below by facility name and location. The awards included:

  • President’s Award – ARMA’s top award, bestowed annually to the contestant with the lowest ARMA Index (the ARMA index is derived by adding the OSHA Incidence Rate plus the OSHA Severity Rate and dividing the sum by ten).
  • Perfect Record Award – awarded annually to plants with a “perfect” ARMA Index through the reporting year.
  • Certificate of Achievement – awarded to each competitor showing a 25% improvement from the previous contest year.
  • Award of Excellence – awarded to contestants in each category with the lowest ARMA Index averaged over the previous three years’ totals (based on criteria developed by the Safety Contest Task Force).
  • Award of Achievement in Education and Training – presented to the contestant with the most extensive and effective education and training program.
  • Award of Achievement in Safety – presented to the contestant with an effective comprehensive safety program or a specific innovative idea as part of an overall effective safety program.

The ARMA 2008 Safety Contest is currently underway. Several new awards, to be created by the Health, Safety and Environment Committee, are anticipated for upcoming years in the association’s continued efforts to encourage workplace excellence.

Special Award for Joe Hobson

This year’s meeting also saw the introduction of an Exemplary Service Award, the first ever to be bestowed on an ARMA staff member.  This award was presented to Joseph Hobson, recently retired as the Director of Communications and Member Services.  It recognizes and acknowledges Hobson for his “continuous outstanding service, personal dedication and lifetime commitment to advancing the mission and goals of the asphalt roofing industry.” The award was created by the Board of Directors with approval of the association membership.

ARMA President’s Award Winners

Group A: 
GAF, Fontana, CA (2 time award winner) 
Group B: 
Owens Corning, Savannah, GA (1st time winner)
Group C: 
Owens Corning, Kearny, NJ (3 time award winner)
Group D: 
Johns Manville, Oklahoma City, OK (1st time winner)

ARMA Award of Excellence winners for 2007 are GAF, Fontana, CA (Group A); GAF, Chester, SC (Group B); GAF, Shafter, CA (Group C); and multiple winners were tied in Group D including Owens Corning (Asphalt), Summit, IL; Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; Ennis, TX; Denver, CO; Granite City, IL; and U.S. Intec, Inc., Walpole, MA and Port Arthur, TX

ARMA Certificate of Achievement

GAF: Chester, SC; Fontana, CA; Millis, MA; Savannah, GA; Tampa, FL; Mt. Vernon, IN; and Nashville, TN; Owens Corning: Savanna, GA; Irving, TX; Kearny, NJ; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Denver CO; Houston, TX; and Atlanta, GA;CertainTeed Corporation: Milan, OH; Norwood, MA Little Rock, AR; Birmingham, AL; Chester, PA; Peachtree City, GA; and Shreveport, LA;; and Building Products of Canada, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Johns Manville: Macon, GA; Oklahoma City, OK; Plattsburgh, NY; and Kansas City, KS;  Firestone Building Products Co., Beech Grove, IN and Bristol, CT; TAMKO Roofing Products: Columbus, KS; Ennis, TX; Green Cove Springs, FL; Naples, TX; and Knoxville, TN; U.S. Intec, Inc., Stockton, CA; and Siplast, Arkadelphia, AR

ARMA Perfect Index Award

GAF: Fontana, CA; Chester, SC; Shafter, CA; Owens Corning: Savannah, GA; Portland, OR; Summit, IL; CertainTeed Corporation: Little Rock, AR; Birmingham, AL; Johns Manville:  Macon, GA; Plattsburgh, NY; and Kansas City, KS;Firestone Building Products Co.: Beech Grove, IN; CertainTeed Corporation: Chester, PA; Peachtree City, GA; and Wilmington, CA; Henry: Kimberton, PA; Huntington Park, CA; and Auburn, WA; TAMKO Roofing Products: Columbus, KS; Ennis, TX; and Green Cove Springs, FL; Firestone Building Products Co.: Bristol, CT; Owens Corning (Asphalt):Summit, IL; Kearny, NJ; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Morehead City, NC; Detroit, MI; Jacksonville, FL; Oklahoma City, OK; Memphis, TN; Ennis, TX; Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MN; and Granite City, IL; and U.S. Intec, Inc., Walpole, MA and Port Arthur, TX

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